Jamie-Vieira-Century-21-Miller-OakvilleBronte Creek is one of the hottest areas of Oakville right now. Much sought-after and extremely high-end in terms of property values, homes in Bronte Creek must be showcased in a manner that is consistent with these characteristics.

Your home deserves to be represented by an agent who has sold Bronte Creek real estate for years.

You will work one-on-one with me – a top producing agent – instead of being passed off to a member of a “Team”.

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Complimentary Home Evaluations in Bronte Creek

I will provide you with a detailed, comprehensive, and free no-obligation home evaluation in Bronte Creek. These complimentary evaluations provide you with valuable information which will aid in your decision. They offer insight into appreciation trends in your neighbourhood, helping you determine if now is a good time to sell.

Knowing how much your home is worth is important information regardless of whether you’re selling your home now or in a years time.

Jamie Vieira’s 10 Step Strategic Marketing Plan

I have the tools required to get you the most return on your real estate investment in Bronte Creek. Extensive knowledge of homes in Bronte Creek, the schools in the area, amenities, demographics, and overall lifestyle ensure that potential buyers will get all the information they need to feel comfortable purchasing your home.

In todays highly competitive real estate market, it is vital to give every home listed the best chance at being sold for the most money possible. If you’re not taking advantage of every possible avenue of exposure, while also portraying each home in the most professional and inviting way, you are missing out on potential qualified buyers. It’s all about creating a sense of value around the property. I have worked hard to create an extensive real estate marketing plan that is second to none.

Every home I list gets the full treatment. It’s my way of ensuring that your home gets the exposure it deserves and needs to attract the most possible qualified buyers.

The process for selling your home goes as follows:

1. Preparing the Home


Staging has been proven to increase selling price by over 10%

You are selling one of your largest assets and the buyer is likely buying their dream home and therefore we must do our best to present it in this light. Professionally staged homes spend 83% less time on the market than non-staged homes. We provide free staging consultations to all our clients with one of the top staging companies in Oakville. During the consultation, you will be walked through the home with the stager who explains what needs to be addressed and why. Having the eyes of a professional look at your home in Bronte Creek will help shed new light on what may need to be moved or added to give it the flare buyers are looking for.

2. Professional Photography & Virtual Tours

Buyers want to see PHOTOS! It’s important to generate the most interest possible from the first impression and this is done through professional quality real estate photography. We believe in providing as many photos necessary to give buyers a good feel for the property. All photos are taken in advance of the listing and posted immediately to the listing. You will never see “NO PHOTO” or only a shot of the exterior. Professional photos of your home in Bronte Creek will attract more interest and buyers.

Bronte Creek Homes for Sale - Professional Photography

Professional photography can help get your home more showings


These days, visuals of real estate are possibly the most important factor when it comes to why potential buyers become interested in your home (other than price of course). Having professional-quality photographs of your listing on every possible website and print marketing materials will give it the best chance of attracting buyers. HDR (high dynamic range) photography is combined with wide angle lenses to give my listings that WOW factor. Peaking people’s interest with stunning photography is just another advantage I offer my clients.

Virtual Tours

Not only do virtual tours offer another, more interesting way to look at a real estate listing, but videos uploaded to Youtube appear in Google searches, which all adds up to more traffic and ultimately more showings. In addition, I embed the virtual tour on both of my personal websites, your dedicated URL website (i.e. www.youraddress.com), and realtor.ca. It’s all about exposure, and high definition real estate virtual tours give consumers even more options and avenues to view your home.

3. Online Marketing


94% of buyers aged 25-44 use the internet to search for homes

With over 92% of home buyers shopping online to find their home even before they call an agent, web exposure needs to be at the forefront of any marketing campaign. Your listing gets multiple posts to the Public MLS with the maximum number of photos, virtual tour and in-depth description. Your listing is also posted to YouTube, Facebook, Kijiji, Craigslist, and over 50 other websites. We purchase Google Adwords to drive traffic to your listing and provide a dedicated URL www.youraddress.com In addition, your listing will be featured on Jamie’s 2 personal websites www.jamiesells.ca and www.jamievieira. com. Combined, these websites get over 500 local visitors per week looking for homes in the area.

Your Listing on TREB, OMREB, and RAHB


It is crucial to advertise your listing on as many real estate boards as possible

Possibly the most important factor in marketing a real estate listing is having it on every real estate board that will attract buyers. I am a full member of the Oakville Milton Real Estate Board, Toronto Real Estate Board, and the Realtors Association of Hamilton Burlington Real Estate Board. Posting a listing on these boards gives real estate agents a head start on booking showings, with the listing appearing on them a day or two before the public sees them on Realtor.ca.


The most popular real estate website in Canada, Realtor.ca is the public real estate classified site.

In 2011:

  • there were 139,762,768 visits to Realtor.ca
  • Realtor.ca generated 4,668,000 emails connecting Realtors and consumers
  • there were over 1.9 billion pageviews on the website
  • Visitors to Realtor.ca spent an average of 10 minutes 41 seconds on the site

Not only do virtual tours offer another, more interesting way to look at a real estate listing, but videos uploaded to Youtube appear in Google searches, which all adds up to more traffic and ultimately more showings. In addition, I embed the virtual tour on both of my personal websites, your dedicated URL website (i.e. www.youraddress.com), and realtor.ca. It’s all about exposure, and high definition real estate virtual tours give consumers even more options and avenues to view your home.

2 Websites – Jamiesells.ca and Jamievieira.com

I currently operate 2 separate and well-visited websites that I use to distribute my clients’ listings to the world. My personal website www.jamiesells.ca attracts over 500 visitors per week, with most of them looking at the listing pages. These listing pages contain details, all of the photos of your house (instead of the maximum of 9 on Realtor.ca), and a link to the virtual tour. I add my listings to the banner slideshow on the homepage, which is the first thing people see when arriving on the site. I get many emails to my personal inbox from people who want to see my listings, and it has resulted in many sales of my clients listings in Oakville and Burlington.

Jamievieira.com is my Century 21 branded site, and it gets a large amount of traffic also (over 1,100 views per month). Once again, a listing page is generated with all photos / details and the homepage includes a banner to your listing. The virtual tour is embedded on the homepage also, giving people a quick avenue to view it.

Classified Websites

Websites like Kijiji and Craigslist have become extremely popular in recent years. Offering extensive search criteria and multiple new listings every day, you can’t underestimate the value of having your listings on these websites. They are driving traffic to your listing page, generating more interest, and offer people a quick glance at properties in a given city. In addition, they offer high-res photos of your listing, and you just never know who might see it!

In addition to the sites mentioned above, the Point 2 Agent platform that my website www.jamiesells.ca is on automatically syndicates your listing to other high-traffic websites. Point2 Agent has the largest syndication network in the real estate industry, with new partners being added frequently. Enter your listings once and watch them spread automatically to some of the highest trafficked search sites on the Internet.

Blogging and Twitter

The combination of blogging and my two websites and sending out updates via Twitter ensure a constant interest in my websites and current listings. The blogs help your listing show up high on google searches, and provide links to other detail pages, photos, and the virtual tour. They truly do provide a valuable source of traffic to the various sites where my clients’ listings are.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook provides a personal marketing avenue that was not available until recent years. Posting my listings and blog articles on my Facebook page “Jamie’s Real Estate” gives me the opportunity to create and maintain lasting relationships with friends, family, and clients. This relationship is invaluable in that it broadcasts my listings to the people who care most, and they are the most likely people to offer good referrals. It is a snowballing effect in that the more clients I get, the more friends on Facebook I add, and the larger my sphere of influence is. There’s nothing as valuable as personal referrals, and Facebook gives us the opportunity to easily create lasting relationships.

Dedicated URL Website

I purchase a domain name for all of my listings, for instance www.123yourstreet.com. This address can be used for all print and online marketing I do for your listing.

4. Pricing

We believe in pricing the home at market value and holding the price. Pricing high with the thought of “Bring me an offer” does not work, statistically you will get less for your home by starting high and adjusting the price over time. Your listing is new and hot once and you will attract more buyers and ultimately more money if you price it properly. We don’t want to miss the right buyer by pricing the property above what they are looking at. Buyers will pay asking or more if they see the value.

5. Customized Feature Sheets

Many Buyers will look at 5 or more properties in one day. We want them to take something away from your home that will leave a lasting impression. Your home deserves to be shown in the best light possible, and having stunning feature sheets for prospective buyers to take with them does just that. Striking professional photos, effective wording and detailed information gives the buyer a reason to discuss your property further. All feature sheets are prepared and delivered within 24 hours of listing, if not in advance.

6. Showing Feedback

A key and often overlooked aspect of selling a home is getting feedback from agents who have shown the property. We call all showing agents the day after showing and ask for their feedback and their client’s feedback. By gathering this information we can see trends in the comments and adjust accordingly. We also track the interest of buyers and should we get an offer, we know who to contact to try and get more. We believe that you allowed someone into your home and therefore we try our best to at least let you know what they thought.

7. Networking

Jamie Vieira and his team are full members of The Oakville Milton RE Board, The Toronto RE Board and the Realtors Association of Hamilton-Burlington. This means that your home gets more exposure through the real estate boards in the area. Real Estate agents search through their own local Board that they are a members of. By posting your listing on multiple boards, your listing is seen my more agents and their clients. This is also why you may see multiple listings on the Public MLS. Agents load onto their local board and that information uploads to the public system. The large number of transactions Jamie has completed over the years has resulted in many relationships with fellow Realtors. This allows us to promote our listings with other agents and gets us a good response to feedback requests and agent open houses. We also promote your listing on our Facebook pages and through our extensive mailing list.

8. Open Houses

We believe any exposure is good exposure and therefore open houses can be a good avenue to get new buyers through your home. Occasional open houses will add market exposure and allow buyers through what they may not have otherwise come through. Open houses are always promoted and advertised on numerous websites such as Realtor.ca, Century21.ca, Jamiesells.ca, youraddress.com, Kijiji, Craigslist, etc. We also advertise in the local paper and with signs on the property and throughout the neighborhood.

An agent open house is always held if possible. There are scheduled times for agent open houses throughout the various areas. Your agent open house will be held on the first available day following your list date. The agent open house allows Realtors to preview homes for prospective clients. It’s also a great way for us to get feedback on price and décor.

9. Print Advertisement

Various print mediums are utilized to bring attention to your listing and our website. This includes “Just Listed” and “Just Sold” postcards specific to your area, The Oakville Beaver, The Burlington Post, transit ads, billboards and rink boards.

Newspaper Advertisements

I advertise every single week in the Oakville Beaver. It’s not only for the exposure of my clients listings, but also to support my local newspaper. I have lived in Oakville my entire life, and love supporting local establishments. I believe that if you support local businesses, you create goodwill in your community and people will be more likely to support you in anything you do. Also, it promotes my website that hosts your listing, and helps drive traffic to your page.

Traditional real estate marketing strategies such as postcards are still effective. Especially when you consistently advertise to certain areas, they become a medium for building brand awareness and help stimulate web traffic.

Bus Advertisements

Every spring I purchase advertising on Oakville Transit busses. Spring is traditionally the hottest time of year for real estate, and these ads help promote my website as well as my overall brand. It’s all about maximum exposure for my listings, and I firmly believe that being seen by thousands of people every day helps people remember me. Better yet, it has my website www.jamiesells.ca front and centre, and a lot of the direct traffic I get to my website (traffic from people typing in the web address to the browser instead of search) is a direct result of these types of advertising. More traffic is always good, as you never know when the right buying will stumble upon your listing!

10. Skilled Negotiation

Having an experienced negotiator on your side when you get an offer is invaluable. Through proven techniques we can maximize your return and get you that little extra, such as a bit more money, appliances, the closing date you want or the light fixture in the dining room. Jamie has negotiated hundreds of deals and knows how to get the most for his clients. He has seen all the various conditions and terms and knows how they can affect you. We take pride in having satisfied clients and this is ultimately achieved at the negotiating table.